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Unscheduled Moodle Maintenance -- Monday, September 26

by Michael Harris -

We will be performing unscheduled maintenance on Moodle on Monday, September 26, 2022 at 7:30 AM, upgrading to version 3.11.10.

We do not expect any service downtime, although you may experience slow or unusual behavior during the upgrade.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440.

KNOWN ISSUE: Course Sections Disappear When Guest Access Turned Off

by Deleted user -

We are in the process of turning guest access off for fall 2022 Academic courses. 

Instructors who use the Collapsible topics may notice sections the student their Moodle and/or "Orphaned content" notices appearing for those sections in the instructor view.  

Nothing has been lost; to fix the issue you have to reset the Course format to the Topics format and then reset it back to the Collapsible topics: 

  1. Click the gear icon (Actions menu) on your course main page and choose Course Settings.
  2. Under Course format: 
    • Reset Format to Topics.
    • Reset Hidden sections to Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form.
  3. Click Save and Display.
  4. Click the gear icon again and choose Course Settings.
  5. Under Course format: 
    • Reset Format to Collapsed topics.
    • Reset Hidden sections to Hidden sections are completely invisible.
  6. Click Save and Display.

Welcome to Moodle!

by Jennifer Spohrer -

Looking for Courses?

  • Fall academic course sites will be guest accessible through the end of add/drop so students can view course materials even if they aren't enrolled. See how to Find and Enter Guest Accessible Courses.
  • The Course Overview block on your Moodle Dashboard should list Bryn Mawr College courses you have enrolled in via Bionic
    • If you aren't seeing a course, resetting the Filter menu at the top of that block to All or In progress may help.
    • If you've just registered, note that it can take up to a day for changes in Bionic to sync with Moodle
    • If you need faster access, ask your instructor to manually enroll you as an Auditor in the Moodle course. Auditors have the same Moodle permissions as Registered students, so you will be able to complete course activities and receive grades normally.
  • Moodle sites for classes taught at Haverford and Swarthmore are on their Moodle sites. Click the Haverford Moodle or Swarthmore Moodle links at the top of this page to get there.
Having difficulty?

Check out the menus at the top of the page:

  • Tech Support menu at the top of the page help with common Moodle issues and links to our knowledge base, Ask Athena
  • See the Accessibility menu for information, technology, and help with making courses and course materials more accessible. 
  • See Library and Academic Support menu for access to library and academic support services. 
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