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Guest Access Turned Off; KNOWN ISSUE with Content Disappearing

by Jennifer Spohrer -

Guest Access Off

  • We have turned off guest access to spring 2023 Academic courses now that registration has ended.
  • Moodle gets its enrollment information from Bionic: 
    • If you have lost access to a Moodle course but are listed as enrolled in the Bionic roster for that course, please contact the Help Desk (; 610-526-7440; visit Canaday 1st floor) with the course number and section number (if applicable) so that we can troubleshoot.
    • If you are ALSO missing from the Bionic course roster, however, please contact the Registrar's Office (; 610-526-5142; visit Guild).
  • Instructors can always enroll students as Auditors in a Moodle course so that they can continue to submit coursework while registration issues are resolved. (Auditors have exactly the same Moodle permissions as Registered students.)
  • Instructors can also reenable guest access for a Moodle course if they want people who have not enrolled to be able to view course materials. 

Known Issue with Content Disappearing

Instructors who use the Collapsible topics course format may notice that sections have disappeared from the student view of that course and/or "Orphaned content" notices appear in place of those sections in the instructor view.  

Nothing has been lost! This is a known bug with the Collapsible topics plug-in that can be fixed by switching the Course format setting to Topics and back to the Collapsible topics

  1. Click the gear icon (Actions menu) on your course main page and choose Course Settings.
  2. Under Course format: 
    • Reset Format to Topics.
    • Reset Hidden sections to Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form.
  3. Click Save and Display.
  4. Click the gear icon again and choose Course Settings.
  5. Under Course format: 
    • Reset Format to Collapsed topics.
    • Reset Hidden sections to Hidden sections are completely invisible.
  6. Click Save and Display.
We are delighted that Collapsible topics will be a built-in feature of Moodle 4.0, so this problem should disappear when we upgrade over the summer. 

Unscheduled Moodle Maintenance -- Wednesday, January 25

by Michael Harris -

We will be performing unscheduled maintenance on Moodle on Wednesday, Jan 25 at 7:30am, upgrading to version 3.11.12.

We do not expect any service downtime, although you may experience slow or unusual behavior during the upgrade.

Contact the Help Desk with questions: or 610-526-7440.

Panopto Announcements

by Jennifer Spohrer -

Panopto Recordings Erroneously Archived

We recently discovered a configuration error that caused Panopto to archive recordings to archive recent recordings (it should only archive a recording if it hasn't been viewed in three years). We've fixed the error and are working with Panopto to globally restore recordings that should be available, but you may need to manually “restore” or unarchive recordings to view or edit them in the meantime. More details ...

Copying Panopto Videos to New Course

Importing or restoring content from an old Moodle course into a new one does not automatically grant participants in the new course access to any embedded, linked or associated Panopto videos. You still need to adjust sharing settings on those videos or copy them to the Panopto folder for the new Moodle course, but Panopto has a new Copy Course Videos feature that can make this easier. 

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