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Site announcements

Moodle updates during Spring Break

by Jennifer Spohrer -

LITS will be applying a few incremental updates to Moodle during spring break, starting late afternoon on Friday, March 8, 2024.

We do not anticipate any downtime, but you may notice functional changes as after the updates are applied, including:

  • The hc. and bmc. prefixes will disappear from college ID numbers.

  • Spellchecking will work again in the text editor (hooray!)

  • A new Deferred feedback with explanation question behavior option will be available for quiz design  

  • The OU wiki activity will be deprecated. (Please use the built-in Wiki or Choice (for voting and sign-ups) activities instead moving forward.)

If you have questions or concerns, please email help@brynmawr.edu to contact the Moodle support team. 

Guest access disabled for Spring 2024 academic courses

by Jennifer Spohrer -

Per our usual practice, we have turned guest access off for spring 2024 academic Moodle courses now that registration has closed.

  • Instructors who wish to continue allowing guest access can re-enable it. See Moodle: Guest access to courses.
  • Moodle rosters should now match Bionic course rosters.
    • Instructors of record may need to manually remove students whom they enrolled as Auditors if they subsequently dropped the course.
    • Please email help@brynmawr.edu with the subject/course number and name(s) of any Registered students who need to be removed from a Moodle course because they are not on the official Bionic roster. 


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