Moodle-Zoom-Panopto Integration Fix on 3/15/2021

Moodle-Zoom-Panopto Integration Fix on 3/15/2021

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LITS has developed a fix for the bug that is causing cloud recordings of Zoom Meetings scheduled through the Zoom activity in a Moodle course to upload into the host’s personal Meeting Recordings folder in Panopto, rather than to the Panopto folder for the course

We will apply this fix to Moodle on Monday, March 15.

  • After the fix, cloud recordings for Zoom meetings scheduled through the Zoom activity in a Moodle course should begin automatically uploading to the appropriate Panopto course folder and thus to the Panopto block in that Moodle course. (It might take a little time for the fix to propagate to all courses.) Instructors will no longer need to manually move these recordings.
  • Cloud recordings of Zoom meetings scheduled in other ways (i.e., through the Outlook Add-in or the Zoom web portal or a desktop/mobile app) will not be affected; they will continue to be uploaded into the host’s Meeting Recordings folder in Panopto. (Note: if you have scheduled Zoom meetings for a course using one of these methods, but want your recordings to automatically upload into Moodle, please contact us at for help setting up a Zoom activity for your course.)
  • Viewing permissions and links to existing recordings on Zoom and Panopto should not be affected. Students will still be able to click the Shared with Me button in the Panopto sidebar to find all their course recording. Direct links emailed to students or embedded in a Moodle page should continue to work.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us at