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Moodle Status Updates

Moodle Status Updates

by Jennifer Spohrer -
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Welcome to!
Updates/Still to Come: 
  1. The Panopto integration is not working. We are working with Panopto tech support and hope to get this fixed ASAP. 
  2. We've added a Zoom plugin that makes it easier for teachers to set up and students to access course-related Zoom meetings. If you are a Teacher, see Scheduling Meetings with the Moodle Zoom Activity for info on how to add this to your course.  
  3. Other new features for Teachers include Attendance, the ability to create Checklists for students, and the option to mark/annotate assignment submissions within Moodle without downloading them. 

Not seeing a course that should be here? 

  • Academic courses: enrollment is controlled by Bionic, and data is fed to Moodle hourly during business hours (Eastern time). If you just enrolled or were added as a teacher to an academic course in Bionic, please give the data time to sync and try again. If you still aren't seeing a course, contact 
  • Organization courses: 
    • If you are a participant in the course but not the course organizer (Teacher role), please contact the organizer about access. 
    • If you are the organizer and need a course moved from, you can copy it yourself or request that LITS do it for you.  
    • If you are the organizer and need a new organization course created, choose Request New Non-Academic Course from the Moodle 3.8 Support menu above.