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Guest Access and Zoom

Guest Access and Zoom

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As a reminder, we enabled guest access for spring Moodle courses to enable instructors to share syllabi and other course materials with students who have not yet registered. Guest access will be disabled by default after registration closes on February 19. (Instructors may disable or enable guest access for their own courses at any point.)

While guest access is turned on, the visibility of Zoom meetings depends on how they were added:

  • Guests cannot see or access Zoom meetings using a Moodle Zoom activity. Only enrolled course participants can see this activity and use it to join meetings. (Instructors will need to email meeting links directly to unregistered students or enroll them as auditors to give them access.)  
  • Guests can see and join meeting links added to a Moodle page using the + Add Activity or Resource > URL option. Although it is unlikely that Zoom trolls will find them, consider taking additional security precautions while courses are guest accessible to be safe.