Update: Inability to Send Email from Moodle

Update: Inability to Send Email from Moodle

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Dear Moodlers, 

We have received some reports from instructors who cannot send email to students from Moodle. It's not clear yet how widespread the problem is or what is causing it, but we are investigating. We will post updates here as soon as we have them. 

Update 12/2 3:00PM: We have fixed problems that we believe were contributing to the Quickmail delivery failures and have been able to successfully send email in our testing. 

Attachment size may have been a problem in some cases and may have caused cascading problems. Thus, one of the steps we have taken  is reducing the maximum file size limit for Quickmail attachments to 20MB, to ensure messages leaving Moodle remain under the file size limits set by common email systems (e.g., Outlook and Gmail). If you need to share files that are larger than this, please upload them to OneDrive, Moodle, or (for audio/video) Panopto and include sharing links to the files in your email rather than attaching them.   

The send failures were intermittent and we aren't 100% certain we've found every contributing factor. If you get an error message when trying to send email through Quickmail, please let us know by contacting the Help Desk (526-7440 or help@brynmawr.edu). If you can tell us the date/time of the problem, the size of any attachments, and include a screen shot or the text from any error message, that would be particularly helpful!