Missing Course Evaluation Blocks/Reminders

Missing Course Evaluation Blocks/Reminders

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Dear Moodlers, 

A few instructors and students have reported that Evaluation Kit blocks is not showing up on their Moodle Dashboards (In students' cases, neither are the "Please complete your course evaluations" reminder messages.) 

  • Browser caches* seem to be causing most problems. Refreshing the page may help; if it doesn't clear your web browser's cache or stored data, which will force it to load the current version of your Dashboard page. (Instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari on iOS, Safari on Mac OS, Edge.
  • For students only, both Dashboard block and the reminder messages should disappear once you have completed all of your course evaluations. If you were seeing them, but aren't seeing them now, this may be why they vanished.
  • Bryn Mawr instructors or students having difficulty accessing the course evaluations through Moodle can  log into the course evaluation site directly at https://login.watermarkinsights.com/saml-initiate/brynmawr and using their Bryn Mawr username (without the @brynmawr.edu) and password.
  • All students can use the link in the course evaluation emails they have received as an alternative way to access the site. 

*What is a browser cache, you ask? To decrease load times, web browsers store copies of pages you visit frequently on your device. They display this stored copy if that is faster than loading the actual webpage, which might be a problem if that webpage has changed since the copy was stored.